WR_2018_TicketLittle House on Vermont/Shrew



Little House on Vermont- Join the Ingalls family once again for the untold, improvised chapters in the “Little House” books, as they face new towns and wolves, try out delectable new recipes and dress patterns, and accidentally wear one another’s ribbons (which will never be noticed on a trotting horse)!

Shrew- The women of Shrew weave bold and hilarious tales full of heart and mischief in the style of William Shakespeare. Each show is a complete play, fully improvised using the language, tropes, and themes of the bard. With their own modern feminine voice, and some inspiration from the audience, the Shrews strive to delight and inspire people of all ages.



WR_2018_TicketOregon Trail Uncharted/ Comedy Sportz: Bits & Pieces

Thursday, December 6th


Oregon Trail Uncharted- Gather your oxen, and load up your wagon! It’s time to head out on the Oregon Trail! Oregon Trail Uncharted is an improvised stage version of the popular PC game, “The Oregon Trail”. Travel with our five party members as they brave their way to the haven that is the Willamette Valley!WIll they suffer from a snakebite? Broken wagon wheel? Wandering off? Gunshot wound? Who Knows! 

Comedy Sportz: Bits & Pieces-BITS & PIECES takes a real movie and re-improvises it, based entirely on how it’s described by an audience member who’s never seen it. You know that movie that you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve never seen? How much do you really know about it? Previous performances of BITS & PIECES have included Titanic (a tale of two rival ships), E.T. (a motorbike adventure), and the 60s beach romp Jaws!


WR_2018_TicketThe Dick & The Dame/ National Theatre of the World

Friday, December 7th


The Dick & The Dame-The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir is an award-winning two-person show that brings the gritty underbelly of 1940’s Los Angeles to life. John Conroy and Stacy Rumaker take the name of a made-up film noir, and improvise a spider web of corruption, deceit, sex and laughs, set during the dark and dangerous days of Tinseltown’s most iconic period. The duo plays numerous noir characters (sometimes even the same character) including femmes fatales, hardened detectives, innocent ingénues, hapless bell boys, and powerful kingpins. The show is a playful comedic valentine to a beloved genre, full of atmosphere and witty banter. 

National Theatre of the World-“Canada’s Most Laughable Couple” and award-winning comedy duo, Matt Baram (Black Mirror, Carter) and Naomi Snieckus (Mr D., Disney’s Zombie Movie) come together in this COMEDY PERFORMANCE. The duo will perform at the IMRPO STUDIO live alongside very special guests.


WR_2018_TicketChased by Bear/ Robot Teammate

Friday, December 7th

9:30PM- 11PM


Chased by Bear-Chased By Bear an emotional based improv team. We capture the heart-breaking drama and human-absurdity we experience every day. All within an improvised one-act play created right before your very theatre-nerd eyes.

Robot Teammate- Robot Teammate is an LA-based musical comedy troupe programmed to entertain. Activated by audience suggestions, the Robots create completely improvised narrative performances, guaranteed to transport your mind to distant and wondrous realms. No one quite knows just what mind-bending musical madness they will create next. That, my friends, is up to you.